Perfect escape

The advanced consciousness of human beings is for understanding the deepest mysteries of existence. What is life? What is its origin? Why does it exist? Yet most people today don't even have any practical understanding of the difference between spirit and matter. Spiritual knowledge is vague and inconclusive. Although fashionable peddlers of popular spirituality claim we are spiritual beings, there is a huge gulf between chic notions of the spiritual self and clear-cut knowledge about it.

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No greater enemy than the uncontrolled mind?


Ask around. Do people feel like their mind is untamed?

Generally not, because society has normalized wild mental conditions as the plain vanilla of daily living, especially as global consumerism/sensualism becomes the planetary religion. "That's life"—in other words, unregulated expression of material desires is now like breathing and eating.

Watch material cravings zoom around in our mental space. See how the mind drags the intelligence down beneath it, pounding it and holding it hostage. Gradually our intelligence becomes indistinguishable  from all the mental junk.

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About Devamrita Swami:

Devamrita Swami is a monk in the renounced order of life with profound spiritual practices that go back 40 years. He is the founder of Institute of Sustainability, an advisor on Spiritual Economics to the Russian Chamber of Commerce and the author of several books like the ‘Searching for Vedic India’, ‘Perfect Escape’, ‘Beyond the Barriers of Limited Science’ and ‘Spiritual Greed’.


This is his fourth annual tour of Toronto. In the past three years he has addressed thousands of people on topics as diverse as yoga, environmentalism, vegetarianism, spiritual economics etc. His presentation on ‘Spiritual Economics’ at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, attracted an audience of over 100 business professionals eager to explore the offerings of ancient knowledge of yoga and its application to Economics. In 2009, he spoke on ‘Spiritual Accounting’ in a gripping presentation to over 75 CMA professionals.


Devamrita Swami was born in 1950 in New York City. At the age of 13, he received a scholarship to prep school in the mountains of New Hampshire, and at 17, he received a scholarship to Yale University. In 1972, Devamrita Swami graduated from Yale University. At that time he came in contact with the ancient teachings of the east. He discovered that the knowledge presented in these books was the beginning of his real education. His attraction to this transcendental information was immediate and the effect profound. Ever since Devamrita Swami travels around the world constantly to fulfill invitations by prestigious universities like Columbia, Yale, New York State, Melbourne University, Rotman School of Management and several others in Toronto. His strategic guidance has proved invaluable to students and professionals seeking to balance their spiritual and professional life.