Create Soul Healing Miracles in Your Daily Life

Soul Healing Miracles are possible for everyone. We can co-create them with Heaven. Heaven wants to help us and we need help. We live in a world with many challenges and distractions that can separate us from our spiritual journey or soul journey. The soul understands better than the mind what its life purpose is. The soul is eternal and has lived many lives. It is wise and knows that it must learn specific lessons in each lifetime so it can heal, grow and purify.

The soul is in a process of evolution and every human incarnation is a great opportunity for it to enlighten further. The soul becomes more enlightened through unconditional service and by the expression of love, and can bless our physical life in numerous ways.

There are countless souls on Mother Earth as everyone and everything has a soul. Soul is made up of energy, matter and light. There are also countless souls in Heaven. Heaven and Earth souls are communicating all of the time. There is no space or time where this is concerned.

Some people have clear and open soul communication abilities while others may not. However, everyone can learn to do soul communication. It begins with simply saying hello to your own body soul or to the soul of your heart, for example. These are inner souls. Outer souls would be the Divine, Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin or other heavenly beings that you believe in. The sun, moon, stars and planets are also outer souls as well as lakes, forests, mountains and animals.

When you say hello to another soul and send love, it receives your message. When an organ of the body is sick such as a heart or liver, the soul of that organ has a desire to help heal the physical organ. The soul of the heart is the essence of the physical heart and can offer blessings.

Whenever you have pain in your body such as a backache, ask the soul of your back to heal your back. Say, “Dear soul of my back, I love you and honor you. Please offer a blessing to my back to heal the pain. Thank you”. Then chant: “Soul of my back heals my back” for several minutes. To repeat this phrase or mantra is to send a positive message to the soul, which in turn can transform the energy and matter of the body. Soul is message. Message is soul. This is one of the many wonderful practices found in Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.


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Master Sher O'Rourke, Divine Channel and Disciple of Master Zhi Gang Sha, offers Personal Consultations, Divine Karma Cleansing (for sickness, relationships, business and more), Soul Healing Miracle Blessings for any condition, and Soul Readings for all aspects of life. By appointment only.

Master Sher is director of Master Sha’s Soul Healing Centre in Toronto where they offer regular workshops on soul healing. She has herself recovered from a serious illness by applying the teachings and blessings of Master Sha.